Retail Therapy: It’s Why Girls Turn To Escorting

The person who came up with this shallow title has to be a man. Yep, my publisher, old Salty himself, the only guy I know who has a statue of himself in the garden. To deign to tell us working girls, that the reason we choose to have paid sex with men is so that […]

The Female Orgasm: A New Biological Perspective

Science thinks that it might have come up with an explanatory reason for the female orgasm. Personally, I don’t need a reason for it, I just enjoy the sensation and look forward to my next one. The boffins, however, want to know how and why it developed, because there does not seem to be an […]

The Escorts Academy: Ten Things a Girl Needs To Know To Become an Escort

“My mother said, to get things done, you better not mess with Major Tom.” Not sure if David Bowie had this sort of thing in mind, but at the escort’s academy the ten things a girl needs to know could be signposted with this lyric. First up at the academy is ‘stick’ awareness; familiarity with […]


A Polyamorist Out of the Closet

We live in a society where compulsory monogamy is the norm and alternatives to monogamy are rendered invisible. Polyamory is still not a socially approved form of relationship. The impossibility of openly discussing this non-normative relationship structure and misconception of people about what polyamory is make people into non-monogamy remain in the closet. Even when […]


Where’s My Vagina Festival?

For more than 1,500 years people in Japan has conducted a spring festival in celebration of the male sex organ. This ancient cultural tradition is rooted in agriculture; the penis festival is a form of gratitude for a successful crop and livestock. Today people celebrate the penis for fertility, easy child delivery, long marriages, business […]

How Many Things Do You Know About the Clitoris? Here’s Some Facts You May Not Know

We all love our clits and I thought I would share some clit facts with you. Did you know that the clitoris gets bigger with age, and by the time we gals are thirty two years old it has enlarged by four hundred percent? Good things just keeping getting better. The clit is like an […]

Bisexual or Lesbian? Women Are Never Straight, Scientists Report

As women we are constantly responding to sexual stimuli, because without us the species dies off; we are programmed to be receptive to sexual stuff. We don’t have to get an erection we can just secrete. Getting wet is the physical response to our state of arousal and it can happen pretty quickly. Scientists are […]

Hitting the Porn Industry Right between the Eyes: Goggles on Set!

Hey girls at last someone is thinking of us and our safety in the adult industry. In California, the proposed Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act is considering the dangers and prevention of exposure to blood-borne and or sexually transmitted pathogens. The pathogens formally known as “Other Potentially Infectious Materials “(OPIM) are very […]

Aural Sex: The Sounds of Human Sexuality

You may not be aware of how important the sound of sex is to your appreciation of love making. Aural sex: The sounds of human sexuality are, quite possibly, the most integral sensory input into fulfilled fucking. Even, when the act of coitus is not directly involved, it may just be foreplay, and it may, […]

Swingers vs Polyamory: Is There a Difference?

Polyamory another of those butchered terms, taking the’ poly’ from the Greek, meaning many, and ‘amory’ from Latin meaning loves; thus many loves. Polyamory is then the non-monogamous practice of having many lovers; the difference between this and what many folk already do, is that this state is consensual with all involved. Meaning that everyone […]